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NWS Rip Current Safety Program

weather-ready nationRip Currents: Break The
Grip of The Rip!®

Know Before You Go Into the Water

The following surveys will help determine important social aspects and behaviors involved in rip current escapes and rescues. The information provided will help improve strategies for escaping a rip current and methods of rescuing people caught in a rip current. Thank you for supporting our partner's research.

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NEW! Training

Break the Grip of the Rip is a course discussing the structure of rip currents, how they form, and the types you may encounter. The course also explains how to spot them, how forecasters predict them, and safety guidelines to keep you and your family safe.

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Media and Educational Tools

Free signs, brochures, stickers, multimedia, games, cool photos, online oceans class, and other resources for teens, parents, teachers, communities, beaches, emergency managers, hotels, and other sites to download. Learn more at the free Jetstream course.

swimmer being rescue from rip at crowded beach

Real Life Rip Current Stories

Read stories from all over the United States and the world about actual victims of rip currents who shared how they were almost victims of the rip, how they survived and what - you should do!

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Safety Tips: U.S., Worldwide

Check out our new Beach Hazards site before you go to the beach. The National Weather Service offers a broad array of resource to use to help protect your family, friends and community while enjoying the sand and surf. You can also learn more from the Oceans Today rip video.

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Local Weather and Surf Forecasts

Your first line of defense is to read the surf forecast BEFORE you head to the beach. The National Weather Service is your first stop for this critical safety information.

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